Great, Gorgeous Rooms

The Aster Inn has ten rooms, all of them different.  Many of our guests have come back and asked to try the "western room, you know, the one with the mural" or "that one in back with the claw foot bathtub that my sister had last time."

Wonderfully Wondrous Rates

We've got Commercial rates for multiple nights as well as normal rates.  Give us a call or drop us an email to get up-to-date rates or check out these average rates to get a decent idea of what you'll be paying.

Clean Toilets and Clean Kitchens!!

It is clean! You could eat off of this toilet!  ...If you were very odd and liked eating off of toilets.  See that stuff under the toilet?  That's real tile.  None of that linoleum for our guests.

See this Kitchen?  Its clean, too. Look, we even provide paper towels, how neat is that? And there's even another picture of a clean toilet.

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